Nonnie's Courtyard is located at the Clovis Nonnie's House Boutique:

 724 Pollasky Ave, Clovis, CA 93611

Contact these providers directly for information about appointments, pricing or other questions.

Lashed Out:  Extreme Lash Stylist
Kristina Rosalez uses only Xtreme Lash products - the safest on the market.  (559) 408-0102

*Megan Alcorn, CMT, (559) 824-4151
*Devone, Certified Massage Therapist, RN, CMENS  (559)765-4546
*Loving Hands - Pamala Her Mao (559) 907-6687

Cynthia Olsen (559) 273-8610

Nonnie's Courtyard