Vera De Fehr, owner of Vernady Fashions

We are proud to partner with designer Vera De Fehr, owner of Vernady Fashions, to offer fur restyling and custom garments. 

Contact Vera to arrange for your appointment now: 559-240-2335 (Call or Text)

We also carry a limited selection of Vera's custom fashions at the Pavilion West location.


Fur Restyling

Do you have an old fur coat that is not being worn? Have it restyled into something you love and can use! Contact Vera for an inspection of your fur. She will tell you it’s condition, and what might be done with it. Vera can take your old coat and make items such as:

Capes or Scarfs
Cuffs or Headbands
Teddy Bears
Memory Pillows
Fur trim can be added to your present garments

Fur Repair & Cleaning

Cleaning and glazing fur garments
Extending sizes up or down
Repair of holes
Repair or install new linings
Shorten or lengthen sleeves or hem

Custom Garments

Vera specializes in creating new custom garments from fabric, leather and fur. When you can’t find what you’re looking for, have it custom made!

A limited selection of Vera’s custom designs can be purchased at the Pavilion West location of Nonnie’s House Boutique. Stop by and see Vera’s fine work. 


Fashion Designer and Furrier since 1988
Native to Saint Petersburg, Russia; Providing services in the USA since 1999
Trained at the University of Technology and Design in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Worked for and trained by several well known Russian Furriers
Now provides service for Fresno, Clovis, Carmel and surrounding areas

Fur Restyling & Fashions